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King’s Faith, A Good Christian Movie

Kings Faith, Faith-based, Christian, Family-friendly, MovieIf you’re on the hunt for a good, family-friendly movie this holiday season, check out King’s Faith. Chap (my husband) and I watched it the other night and equally enjoyed it.

Finding solid, Christian flicks we both like is always a bonus. We thought the content in King’s Faith was entertaining and inspiring— and thought provoking enough to keep teenagers interested.

The movie is about an eighteen year-old foster kid, Brendan King, who is trying to break free from his shady past. Sent to prison at fifteen, he starts reading the Bible and gives his life to Jesus. Paroled at eighteen, he is placed in a Christian foster home and is determined to live a life of faith. But when his former gang shows up, threatening him and the people he loves, Brendan’s faith is put to the test. Will he trust God no matter what challenges face him, or will he give up and go back to his roots?

Learn more about King’s Faith at: www.kingsfaith.com

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