Author of Lion Heart & Alessio: The Victory Ride Series

Lion Heart and Alessio: The Victory Ride – A Bible-based Christian book series for kids ages 8-12

I’m so excited about my latest release in my Christian book series for kids and families, Book Three: Mission Goodness and Faithfulness! It is definitely my favorite so far because I was able to incorporate a dance theme in Mission Faithfulness. This third installment also touches on some sensitive topics meant to be read aloud with parents so they can be discussed. My hope from the beginning was that this series would draw families together, and that readers would be able to identify with at least one of the many diverse characters throughout the series including two superhero skateboarders, a surfer, fashion designer, an artist, dancer, retired circus performer, accountant, scientist, a grandma and grandpa and many more! There is something for everyone in this Bible-based family redemption story. Click here to read the endorsements of all three books.

Book Three Mission Goodness and Faithfulness Trailer

Free Discussion Questions, Coloring Pages, and Chapter download below

Megan’s writing certainly relates well to her audience. She is able to communicate strong Christian truths through a story that youth find appealing and exciting. It causes students to think about what they can do to impact the world for Jesus.

—Karen Henriksen, Admissions Director, Academy at Foxborough.
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What kind of book is it?

LH&A is an educational adventure that encourages preteens to become warriors in the Kingdom of God by using their gifts and talents to honor Him. It’s contemporary, family-friendly, fast paced, Spirit-filled, Bible based, thought provoking, and contains a bunch of unique characters, fun dialogue, and action illustrations. Free downloads below.

Who’s the audience?

Whether you’re a skateboarder dude or dudette, a school principal, youth group leader, homeschooler, fashionista, ballerina, artist, sports enthusiast, jack-of-all-trades, or just a supercool somebody looking for a rad adventure, Lion Heart and Alessio is for you!

What’s it about?

Here’s a sneak peak . . .

There’s a Superhero inside all of us, if you believe.

He’s called the Holy Spirit!

Jed and Makarios (aka Mak) have big dreams of becoming pro skateboarders, traveling the world to compete against the best. Jed’s stoked because he’s finally old enough to enter the Victory Ride skateboarding competition with his older cousin Mak. But when he finds out that Mak and his family are moving across the world— to Greece!—Jed’s dreams take a sketchy turn. After a mysterious encounter, Jed and Mak receive an ancient treasure that comes with supernatural powers (including the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit). Transformed into warriors named Lion Heart and Alessio, Jed and Mak are sent on an epic adventure and the ride of their lives!

From the Author: Lion Heart & Alessio: The Victory Ride is a quirky story about faith, family, and the struggles we must overcome to live a victorious life.

The diverse characters in the series go through a transformation where they learn what it means to be accepted by Jesus, not because we follow religious, man-made rules, but by believing in Jesus and inviting Him into our hearts. As the characters accept Jesus as their personal Savior, they receive supernatural powers enabling them to spread this wonderful truth: The Good News. Readers will fill up on Scripture and have a blast doing it as they learn to become superheroes of faith. I recommend that my series be used as a read-aloud with parents or teachers so sensitive topics can be discussed.

If you’re looking for an encouraging Bible-based Christian adventure book for kids that you can share with your family, look no further. Order your autographed and discounted copies today!

Free Discussion Questions and Coloring Pages! Works great as a class project or summer activity.

Book 1 Discussion Questions

Book 1 Coloring Pages

Book 2 Discussion Questions

Grandma Holt’s Whoopie Pie Recipe

Book 3 Discussion Questions

Book 3 Coat of Arms Coloring Page

Book 3 Ruthie Grace Coloring Page

Click here to order your autographed discounted copy of LH&A – A fun Bible-based Christian book series for kids ages 8-12!

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