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Christian Creative Arts

Over the past few years i’ve agonized over what to blog. Quite honestly, i don’t enjoy blogging because i don’t like competing in general, and with all the brilliant bloggers out there, who really needs another? But i’m told by the scholars that if you want to draw traffic to your site, you need to blog. And you need to write what people want to read.

So what’s a girl to do? I don’t want to just ramble off content i’m not truly passionate about. But then, a few years ago, God gave me a word about Christian artists being on the rise and taking back what the enemy has stolen.  I posted it on Facebook and received good feedback. Other artists liked it because, duh (i said to myself) Christian artists need support! So i had the idea to interview other Christian artists to help promote their work.

In the past couple years we have seen people flocking to the theaters to see Christian movies. Hollywood is producing them because people are supporting them. So that’s it! I’m so relieved to move forward with a blog i truly am passionate about-Christian Creative Arts! Each month i plan to interview authors, musicians, dancers, artists, and anyone else who chooses to honor God with creativity. I will also be posting some of my own projects that i’m working on.

My first Christian artist that i will be interviewing is the lovely Suzanne Field, Author of The Painted Table Novel. Please stay tuned!

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