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Megan Joy Chapman

Born into a family of dancers and figure skaters from Boston, Massachusetts, Megan performed in her first ice skating show at age three. By ten-years-old, she was working as a skating clothes model for print and television and was offered a job to tour with the Ice Capades. Rather than quit school to become a figure skating gypsy (smile) Megan’s parents declined the offer and encouraged her to pursue dance instead. By age fifteen she was teaching dance classes and continued training and performing.

She studied ballet, jazz, and modern with The Franklin School for the Performing Arts, and ballet with Walnut Hill and The Boston Ballet. After studying dance and theater for a year at New York’s Ithaca College, Megan explored other areas of artistry. She transferred to The School of Fashion Design in Boston where she was awarded a scholarship for Best Designer and received her degree. Upon graduating, she worked professionally as a costume and freelance fashion designer. To compliment her dance experience, Megan holds a certification in Pilates.

Megan Joy Chapman, DanceMegan had always been told she was talented but struggled with demands she had put on herself to be perfect. Before becoming a Christian at twenty-two, Megan had no sense of joy or peace in her life or artistry. She found herself endlessly striving for acceptance and purpose by worldly means but hit dead ends and disappointments every time. A couple years after her salvation encounter, Megan realized that she was not created to be perfect. She was created to be a worshiper. When she chose to use creative expression as a form of worship to honor God, joy and fulfillment settled in and Megan’s heart for ministry took flight.

Now a Christian author living in Hawaii with her supportive husband, Keith, Megan has the privilege to spend much of her time writing the LH&A series. She aims to inspire children to become warriors in the Kingdom of God by sharing their gifts and talents as a means to honor Him. Her greatest desire is to show the world that they are loved, unique, precious to God and have eternal worth and purpose.

In addition to writing, Megan continues to teach various styles of dance within schools and ministries and has been on staff with West Hawaii Dance Theatre since 1999 where she has worked as a teacher, choreographer, director, and mentor. She is also a guest artist with YWAM School of Dance Studies in Kona as well as Saving Grace Dance Ensemble in New Hampshire. Megan has a heart for prophetic worship and occasionally leads worship dance at YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and Living Stones Church where she and her husband have attended since 1998. Megan is also a mixed media artist and enjoys cooking for friends and family.

Book Testimony: Tragedy to Triumph
Why Megan Wrote Lion Heart and Alessio: The Victory Ride

Megan Joy Chapman | Nikos

Megan began writing Lion Heart & Alessio as a gift for her family. Since they spanned the globe from Hawaii, Boston, and Greece, she wanted to find a way for them to stay connected. Megan especially wanted to encourage her two skateboarding nephews, who inspired the main characters, and show them that God has an amazing destiny and unique purpose for their lives.

The plan was to share the first book at a Boston family reunion in the summer of 2008. But just before her 12-year-old nephew—one of the heroes of the book— was to leave Greece to meet the family in Boston, he was struck by a car and died.

In her grief, Megan thought she misunderstood the purpose for writing the book. The story she had prayed would bring encouragement to her family was met with this horrible tragedy that made no sense. The families reunion turned into a time of mourning. But after much prayer, God clarified to Megan that her nephew’s death was the real reason she was telling the tale. More than that, God could use it not just for her family, but for anyone who has suffered.

Lion Heart & Alessio: The Victory Ride is Megan’s first book in a series. As the series developed, it became a testimony about believing God’s promises and overcoming fears and doubts—no matter what the circumstances. Megan’s prayer is that God will use her books to reach out to youth and their families, showing them the way to salvation.

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